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ROOTS & RESONANCE MESSAGE BORED > Relationships, Love & Sex > why are chicks so damn confusing
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Jul. 21, 2004 7:50 pm
ALRIGHT!! LISTEN UP! You have to realize, it's not always just chicks. It's not always guys. More often than not, it's an even mix of fault for each. I bet there's a whole lot more to this story we didn't hear. Like: why were you two having the big talk in the first place? Maybe, you're a great guy, maybe you just picked a psycho g/f, I dunno. But people play head games, no matter their sex, or what they say. Personally, I think that headgames are a bunch of bullshit, hence the reason I never got back with any of my ex-boyfriends (or the ex-girlfriends). If it didn't work once, chances are, it ain't gonna work again. So, while you have the chance, go buy some condoms and fuck a few virgins. I dunno how you get your jollies, but do it while you've got the chance.

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Jun. 09, 2004 10:37 am
maybe you should just give her an ultamaidum

shes obviously very confused with what she wants.....

so make her decide.....

tell her its either me or that guy that you just started liking 2 hours ago...........

and if shes like all..........OH!! I DONT KNOW.....

and hella have to be stern and say.....

well.......i think you need to call me or not call me (which ever sounds more savage at the time) when you find out......peace......and just hella walk away like an...... uppercase G

i can tell you really like her because if you didnt youd be like ......... think you like some other guy .....well then go like him then and fuck the fuckin fuck off........

i dont know do listen to me if you dont want to.........

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Posts: 25

Feb. 01, 2004 11:59 pm
hey kid, how about this... how old is she? 13-16 huh? it's the age/ mentality. she's either lied/lying to get something else or get out of the situation in general. it when the male and female come together that make the situation itself confusing. but i will admit, females are dumb. (i'm anti- my own sex, unless of course their my friends.)

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Jan. 29, 2004 3:47 pm
ok, get this i had this girlfriend and we were going thruogh some things but we had a talk on thursday night and eveything was cool and she said that there were no doubts in her mind that she wanted to be with me and everything was good. so she comes over friday night and shes being all quiet and weird so i asked her what was wrong and she told me after alot of prying that she liked another guy, she said she didnt like him on thursday when we had that talk and it had just come up a few hours ago. can anybody, dude or chick, tell me how something like that happens? oh yeah, any ladies who wouldnt pull some bullshit like that write back please!!!


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