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ROOTS & RESONANCE MESSAGE BORED > Relationships, Love & Sex > faggets in PE class
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Jul. 21, 2004 7:57 pm
I should let you know, "Faggot" is a word that has almost got some people killed. People who use that as a derogatory term need to learn that just because....wait. Let me put it this way: say a group of girls is chasing you around and hitting on you, trying to grab your ass, whatever. What are you gonna do? More than likely go along with it, right? Unless the girls are ugly or fat or not to your liking? Then what? Beat the fuck outta them for not being to your liking and thinking that you're worth attention? Probably just ignore them is what you'd do. Hope they'd go away. Or maybe insult them, hurt their feelings so they'd leave you alone and think that you're an asshole. Maybe you could try talking them instead. Tell them that you don't go that way, and you'd appreciate it if they left your ass alone. Maybe talking will get you somewhere. But if they're just doing this shit to piss you off, wait a bit. See if it stops. I highly doubt that they're really gay anywayz. Most gays have much better taste then adolescent boys running around in rancid smelling clothing that's about as stiff as a backboard.

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Mar. 30, 2004 10:13 am
dude i doubt that if there was any gay guys in your PE class
that they would try to touch you........

you are hell of ignorant..........

if you were comfortable with your sexuality then being around gay guys wouldnt bother you.......

im pretty sure that some you and your jock with mohawk friends try to pick up on some of the chicks in your pe class or anywhere else and probably said degrating things and probably try to touch their asses so why should it bother you when someone did it back to you.............

maybe your really hot or something.............who knows

me personally have been approached by many gay guys and have been told that i was cute and asked my phone number and what not but i didnt get all freaked out

i found it flattering because someone was giveing me a compliment...........and i think that if what they are doing is bothering you all you have to do is just talk to them .........

beating them up is such a jock neanderthal thing to do
try being a little more intellegent and less short tempered

im pretty sure that your into the punk scene pretty hevaly or somewhat........(by reading that im not sure........ but anyway )..... right?

punk is about acceptance and equality between diffrent life styles and ideals

its ok to not be that way but hating them because they are diffrent from you is very shallow and thats exactly what society and jesus would expect of you...........


FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feb. 19, 2004 10:54 pm
alright, there is 4 fags and 1 bi in my PE class. most of all of them chase some of the guys around and me trying to grab my ass. I am about to GAY BASH them for being fuckin stupid. so my question, would you think its fair to GAY BASH the mother fuckers?


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