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la bestia
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Aug. 30, 2005 2:17 am
la banda la bestia is looking for a bad ass guitar player interested in joining the band.
we need a person who has a razor sharp and tight well disciplined style of playing who can easily be open to play a style that can put one under stress and make your hair stand other words, must be able to have the balls to work under stress. so if you're ready to play with the big boys, then call us.

no egos and senseless ego hungry pride aloud here. no lazy people please. you must be responsible in having your own gear, your own transportation and is willing to break even with the band. must be willing to share band activity chores with band members like getting shows, making flyers, passing out flyers and help market the band. la banda la bestia can't afford to have rockstars that only want to plug in and not get their hands dirty. everyone does the equal amount of work...(it's easier this way).... must be able to want to write music with the rest of the band members....must be able to play in venues outside of l.a. or california....must have a fucking job (or a way to break even financially when recording music, making flyers, or anything that has to do for the band)...must be able to play in a 21&over venue...

influences that la bestia has might be:

AC/DC, Black Flag, East L.A.'s The Stains-The Undertakers-The Brat-The Illegals-Media Blitz-, Cramps, Plasmatics, X, Stooges, Janes Addiction, Meteors, Motorhead,Unsane, Bad Brains, Descendents, Minor Threat, Poison Idea,Stitches, Dr Know, Blasters, Dead Boys, Damned, Circle Jerks, Electric Wizard, Strychnine, Neurosis, GBH, Jimmie Hendrix, Barfeeders, The Slits, Vice Squad, Adolescents, Alice and the Bags, Citizen Fish, Cadillac Tramps, Buzzcocks, Toydolls, Kkleq Muzzil, and a mix of psychobilly meets punk rock with a touch of skadistic morbid blues and loud folkapunkafrobrazilian mexi-motor hotrod flames with a drop of sentimental sick humor.

here's an idea about who 'La Bestia' is. listen to the music, and if you think you can handle it, then call us..

bestia vocals: 323-266-2390,
el grigo bassist: 323-855-3546,
furious george drummer: 323-780-6226, 323-265-4863


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