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ROOTS & RESONANCE MESSAGE BORED > Politics & Society > should courtney love go to jail?
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Sep. 16, 2005 5:12 pm
should courtney have gone to real jail or is rehab ok???

From ABC News:

Los Angeles judge sentenced rock singer Courtney Love to 180 days in a county jail for drug use in breach of a parole order.

But the former wife of late rock star Kurt Cobain will be able to serve the time at a live-in chemical dependency program, Superior Court Judge Rand Rubin ruled.

The 18-month probation order for the former 'Hole' singer was extended until March 2007 and the court will hear a progress report about her on November 18.

Love, 41, admitted using drugs at an August 19 hearing and was ordered into a detox clinic.

She was sentenced to a separate three years' probation order in February for assaulting a female musician at the home of her former boyfriend.


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